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During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Thanks, Skin.

When we think about our skin from a cosmetic perspective, many of us have probably wished that our skin would drink up topicals with more gusto. But something like COVID-19 reminds us how brilliant our skin is at doing exactly what's it's supposed to: keeping. stuff. out.

By Thea ∙ April 23, 2020

While we certainly don’t want to be one of those brands finding a forced angle to hype our product or point of view during this international crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, we think there is an unsung hero for everyone somehow (and thankfully) remaining healthy: our skin. Before this dawn of this novel coronavirus, many of us may have wished that our skin would allow more beneficial, clinically-proven ingredients in, so we could treat our fine lines and blemishes with more success. But it’s interesting to take a moment to understand how well-designed our largest organ is, and how helpful it is for many of us as we try to ward off this contagious and scary disease.

The CDC reports that COVID-19 is most often spread person-to-person through respiratory particles within 6 feet, but the important detail is that the germs have to enter the body through the nose or mouth. Similarly, we now know that the novel coronavirus can live on services and objects anywhere from an hour to three days, but still, the germs would have to enter through the nose, mouth, or maybe eyes to become problematic. This alone is a testament to the power of our skin and its abilities to keep out harmful substances, especially those to which our bodies have no immunity.

We don’t bring this up to overshadow the real thanks we owe to the people shouldering the entire burden of this pandemic. While some of us are fighting to survive, and others of us are just fighting boredom and anxiety while we shelter-in-place, our heroes are the doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists, grocery store employees, cooks, truck drivers, deliverers, and other essential workers that are making life as comfortable as possible. When the worst passes, these people deserve a nice long break -- with friends and loved ones as close as possible.

But silver linings have a way of lifting spirits, and we thought it was worthwhile to think about and appreciate the protection our skin offers us on a daily basis. It’s a blessing most of us have, but not all (check out EB, a rare connective tissue disorder). So instead of bemoaning how difficult our skin makes it to deliver ingredients effectively (which is our usual focus as well!), we are taking a moment to express gratitude for the armor it lends us when we need to be vigilant.